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Sportiw partners with top-level recruiters to conquer the world of football.

Today, we are taking a decisive new step by announcing our entry into the world of football. And to mark this milestone, we have chosen to surround ourselves with two pillars of football recruitment: Jacques Le Quéré and Patrice Girard. These two names resonate in the corridors of stadiums as symbols of excellence and expertise in the world of detection and recruitment.

How the adidas Breaking Barriers Project is Making Sport Equal for Women and Girls in Europe?

Access to sports is not equal for all — and it’s all too often women and girls who are left on the sidelines. Playing against lack of access and representation, cultural stigma, and self-doubt, girls drop out of sports at a much greater rate than boys of the same age. With this in mind, adidas created the Breaking Barriers Project to level the playing field and make sports equal for all.

conseil preparation mentale sport

Basketball: Mentally preparing for the 2023/24 season

In the world of sport, physical preparation has long been obvious to achieve optimal performance. However, more and more athletes and coaches are becoming aware of the vital importance of mental preparation. Beyond physical abilities, the mind plays a decisive role in an athlete’s success. Sportiw gives you 3 tips to prepare yourself mentally for the 2023/24 season.