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Sportiw is a digital platform for the sports community. Our mission is to help teams, coaches, players, agents and other sports professionals to connect and create great sports stories!

We Have Created A Solution To Help You In Your Recruitment

With 15 years of experience as sports agents and scouts in France and Europe, we know well the needs and expectations of players, coaches, clubs, agents in basketball and handball… We have especially seen the difficulties of each one to find the ideal player or project.

8 things to know about Sportiw


Sportiw is at the service of clubs and athletes

Sportiw was born from the idea to help clubs and sportsmen in their "sports life". Whether you are professional, semi-professional or amateur sportsmen, our mission is to accompany you, to advise you, and to structure your activity.


Sportiw is not an agency

Agents are part of the sport ecosystem and are extremely important to its proper functioning. Our goal is not to replace them. On the contrary, our goal is to create tools for agents to facilitate the relationship with players, coaches, or clubs.


Sportiw, it's a whole team to help you

A team of more than 15 people is present to accompany you throughout your journey: registration, on boarding, personalized advice, etc. We are committed to helping each and every one of our users in their search and their project.

The Sportiw's Team

We are a French start-up founded and run by a team of sports enthusiasts and sports recruitment specialists. Launched in October 2019, Sportiw has not stopped growing. The team is currently composed of more than 15 people in France and abroad. 

Sportiw Makes Its Community Available To Its Partners

We are able to design and implement the projects you may need in marketing, sales, events, sponsoring.

About Sportiw


How the adidas Breaking Barriers Project is Making Sport Equal for Women and Girls in Europe?

Access to sports is not equal for all — and it’s all too often women and girls who are left on the sidelines. Playing against lack of access and representation, cultural stigma, and self-doubt, girls drop out of sports at a much greater rate than boys of the same age. With this in mind, adidas created the Breaking Barriers Project to level the playing field and make sports equal for all.


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