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Career Reconversion of Elite Athletes: Their Journeys

Sport Excellence Reconversion (SER), co-founded by Flessel, is dedicated to supporting these athletes in their transition to a new career, utilizing the skills and values acquired over years of competition.

Discover the journeys and testimonies of athletes who have successfully transitioned.


The Sports Content Revolution: Morescreens Redefines Fan Engagement

This is where Morescreens comes into play. As a specialist in multi-screen video distribution solutions, Morescreen positions itself as a central player in this digital transformation. With recognized expertise and proven experience with top Serie A clubs and sports federations, Morescreen provides a comprehensive platform for live and on-demand content management.


High-Level Athlete Career Transition: How to Get Educated?

The career of a high-level athlete is often short, marked by extreme physical and mental intensity and demands. However, the end of this sports career does not signify the end of one’s professional life. On the contrary, it can be the beginning of a new chapter that is equally enriching.


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