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to optimize the management of your club!

Clupik is a solution for the transversal management of sports clubs, integrating in a single 360º tool all the needs of the club: administration and management, communication, competitions and online store). 

Why Clupik ?

Generate Income

Add new revenue streams and reduce your club's costs.

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Save Time

Make the most of your time, speed up processes by up to 80%.

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Be Unique

Get an app and a website that no other club will have.

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Connect the whole club and all your tools.

What can you do with Clupik?

Management, communication, competition, trainings and online shop.

Club's management software

The administration module is one of Clupik’s most powerful features. You can manage everything related to your club with it.

  • Digitalisation of registrations
  • Management of fees and payments
  • Roster & Member Management
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Communication app for clubs

Communicate directly and reliably with all the club’s members. Make sure the entire club is connected.

  • Push notifications and email
  • Segment your communications
  • Automate posts

Tournament and competition management software

Control the sports area and track all the competitions of your athletes and teams.

  • Viewing of matches and competitions
  • Attendance recording
  • Score automations
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outil gestion clubs sportif clupik

Training and calendar

Plan and design training sessions for your club’s athletes. Bring sports management to the digital world.

  • Events and calendar
  • Control of attendance
  • Injury module

Connected online shop

You have your own online shop where you can manage all the sales and orders of your club’s material.

  • Order management
  • Stock control
  • Automatic notifications
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