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Testimonial – Filip Grabovac – Player

Discover Filip’s testimony:

How did you hear about Sportiw?

I heard about Sportiw because one of my friends suggested it to me.

How did you “find” the club with which you signed: via offers or by direct contact?

I found the club by direct contact, they found my players profile and contacted me. 

What do you think are the advantages for a player to be registered on Sportiw?

The advantages are many, you have all your info and videos here and teams and agents can see you and if they like you they can text you easily. 

And as a bonus: a word for those who hesitate to register on Sportiw?

Please don’t hesitate, register on Sportiw, it is a great site and it will help you a lot to get a team and get back to playing basketball. 

Filip Grabovac, player
His profile :

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