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Sportiw is committed to women’s sport !

Did you know that January 24th was Women’s Sports Day? That in France, women’s sports represents only 18% of sports broadcasts? That only one of the 36 Olympic federations was represented by a woman? Unfortunately, most of you are not aware of all that… What is sure is that women’s sport is still struggling to develop in spite of increasing communication. Many sectors are neglected and the inequality with men is widely felt when talking with sportswomen, whether professional, semi-professional or amateur.

That’s why in 2021, Sportiw is committed to the development of women’s sport. Our platform has been designed for everyone and gives women’s sport the same opportunities!

We are convinced that improving recruitment and promoting encounters is a first step to help women’s sport! The more opportunities there are, the more sportswomen and clubs will be able to advance!
Our mission starts by bringing the women’s sport community together.

Players, don’t be afraid to put yourself forward! Sportiw allows you to present yourself in a clear way, whether your project is professional, amateur or reconversion.
Clubs, be ambitious in your recruitments and enlarge your network! Find on Sportiw the players whose profile and project correspond to the values of your club.

As you will have understood, our concern is to put everybody on the same level, whatever the level in which you evolve.

Ladies, one thing is certain, Sportiw is there for you!

Sportiw’s Team

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