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Many of you asked us about these features, so we developed them!

Sportiw is a start-up, that is to say that we cannot develop “everything at the same time”, but we are advancing step by step. The advantage is to be able to ask you what is the priority.

For several months many clubs and players (or agents) met on Sportiw, but they had to exchange outside the website.

Today, to overcome that, we are launching the chat and the contacts. What does that mean ?

The network of contacts

The goal of Sportiw is to provide solutions for sports recruitment, but beyond that goal, we aim to gather the sports community. With the network of contacts, you will be able to find your current/former teammates, coaches or all the people you know in your sports life. The idea is to be able to chat with them in a dedicated space without necessarily having to add them to your private social media that does not concern your sports life. These people will once again be able to help you by sharing team offers, tips, recommend you, or even advise you on your CV.

The chat

Recruiters can find candidates on Sportiw, but they only had access to their contact information and had to contact them elsewhere. To simplify exchanges,  Sportiw launches the chat. As on other online sites, it is a dedicated messaging system that will allow you to chat with other members of the site.

These are new big functions, so we are counting on you to report any bugs you may encounter. We will take care of correcting them quickly!

We continue to listen to your comments, and we are already working on new improvements, including the presentation of the project for players with the geographic search area. And many more !

Thank you all again for using Sportiw and especially for sharing your ideas / comments or encouragements  with us. Thanks to you, we will make this site the ideal tool for everyone!

Good chat everyone 🙂

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