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Sportiw Commits To Career Transition Alongside Sport Excellence Reconversion​

At Sportiw, we understand the challenges athletes face when transitioning to a professional life. That’s why we’re proud to announce our partnership with Sport Excellence Reconversion.

This partnership holds special significance for Sportiw, aligning with our overall project of supporting all sports stakeholders at every stage of their journey. By collaborating with Sport Excellence Reconversion, we strengthen our commitment to providing comprehensive support to athletes, whether they are active or in transition.

About Sport Excellence Reconversion:

Sport Excellence Reconversion is an online school founded by Laura Flessel and Richard Hullin. The school is dedicated to the career transition of High-Level Athletes, whether they are still active or retired. 

Sport Excellence Reconversion offers personalized support to all athletes, regardless of their academic level and at any stage of their career. The intensive coaching program guides them in achieving their professional aspirations.

The flexible approach adjusts to their individual needs, and corporate partners support them throughout their training, thus optimizing their chances of success.

Laura Flessel's words:

Laura Flessel

"Confronted very early with the reality of post-career, often complicated and full of dysfunctions, I wished to use my experience to serve the sports community, at both national and international levels (...) We use the DNA of sport to train and support the men and women of tomorrow, in service to our society."

The success criteria of Sport Excellence Reconversion:

All training programs at Sport Excellence Reconversion are based on agile pedagogy, allowing active or retired athletes to choose their training pace: 1 to 36 months.

Online Training for Everyone

“Online training accessible to everyone, even without a high school diploma, with courses focused on exciting careers with high demand for recruits.

Personalized Coaching

A unique module called ‘Transition Passport,’ offering personalized coaching plus a direct and practical approach to the business world.

Partner Companies

A network of partner companies connecting each athlete, from the beginning of their course, to concrete professional opportunities.

Stay Tuned!

Stay connected to discover exclusive inspiring content, practical advice, and testimonials from athletes about career transition.

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