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How to find players on Sportiw ?

Who are the players on Sportiw?

All the players are not professionals players or rookies. Some have agents, some don’t, but we have invited players with a good basketball level.

How to find the player adapted to your level?

Our professional scouts are working to give a level appreciation for all the players on the platform. So, you can search the players corresponding to your level and don’t waist time ! (see the other filters of search at the end of this post)
This option will be fully available soon.

REMINDER :  All browsing is private : no one can see which page you are visiting or who you are looking for on Sportiw.

We know it’s hard to find out who is available during the season. That’s why all players (or agents) declare on Sportiw if they are looking for a club, at the moment.
You can filter them by this criteria to save time !
The info is updated at least every 2 weeks.

Some of the profiles :

On Sportiw, you can search players by the following criteria (you can combine them):
– Available Players
– Name
– Position
– Nationalities
– Favorite profiles
– Age
– Height
– Salary asked
– Verified profiles (Sportiw verify the identity of the users)
– Agents
– Level estimated (by Sportiw)
– My Notes (you can evaluate players and search by your grade)

… And More to come !

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