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Salini Idjihadi: “Sportiw is a unique opportunity for a player!”

Injured during last year, Salini Idjihadi was looking for a handball club for the following season. By registering on Sportiw, he was very quickly contacted and put in relation with a club of Third Division. He evolves from now on at a level which he would never have imagined.

Back on this beautiful story…

Hello Salini, can you introduce yourself and tell us briefly about your career?

Hello, my name is Salini Idjihadi, I’ve been playing handball for more than 15 years now. Changing club quite regularly, I registered on Sportiw after being injured in the middle of last season. It is from this moment that the club of St Flour in France started to be interested in me.

How did the signing go?

Actually as I said, I registered on Sportiw and I was very quickly contacted by the club of St-Flour which evolved in French Third Division. I was very surprised because it was unexpected for me to have an opportunity at this level and I did not think about it, I seized this unique opportunity. I then went for a test, which was conclusive.

" Without Sportiw, I didn't have any concrete leads to find a club. I didn't know where to look because it's complicated to know who to contact when you're looking alone, especially in the handball world which is not very digitalized. Sportiw has helped me a lot! "

Do you have any advice for those who are registered on Sportiw and are looking for an opportunity?

For my part, I had taken the premium membership during the summer, I paid 10€ per month and it allowed me to be more visible to recruiters and to have access to all available offers.

Concerning the CV, it is very important to update it well and to add your highlights if possible. Coaches are very attentive to the information that appears on it, especially the most recent years of our career, so it is important to fill in your CV correctly if you are looking for a club. We have to make it as easy as possible for the coaches!

What would you say to those who are still hesitating to sign up?

At first sight Sportiw is not only a digital platform, it’s also a whole team behind it that does everything possible to support us. I must admit that at a certain point, I didn’t have much hope. That’s when the Sportiw team supported me and advised me on the elements I could improve on my CV. There is a real accompaniment and you don’t feel abandoned.

"Sportiw is a unique opportunity for a player. Signing up can only be beneficial and help us find a club. Registration is free, so there's nothing to lose !"

Now, what are your objectives?

I believe that in life, you should always aim for the highest possible goal and not set any limits. Three years ago, if someone had told me that I would have the opportunity to play in Third Division, I would never have believed it. In life, everything is possible!

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