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Sportiw in the French SporTech!

In recent years, in France and around the world, sport has never been so unifying, leading to numerous innovations and initiatives in the world of sports business. 

Created in 2019, the French SporTech brings together the companies that are making news today and tomorrow in the world of sports. Recently released, the latest book by SporTech & Roland Berger entitled “La SporTech en France, une filière dans les starting-blocks” (SporTech in France, a sector in the starting blocks) includes Sportiw among the innovative startups! Analysis…

What is the French SporTech?

In France, the SporTech market represents about 2 billion euros. Created in 2019 by about 50 startups in order to make this booming sports ecosystem shine, SporTech now brings together the “biggest” sports startups in France. Since then, a report is published every year, taking stock of the most important and innovative startups in the world of sports.

The main themes addressed in the SporTech FR 2022 study are innovation in sports and the evolution of sports practices. Yes, the health crisis has changed the habits of companies and consumers alike. An all-out adaptation had to be put in place to allow sportsmen and women to continue to practice their sport during the various confinements, or even to encourage their favorite teams outside the stadiums. 

The latest SporTech FR study highlights 3 main themes: the latest technological innovations in the field of sport, the state of play of the practice & new modes of sport consumption in the world and finally a panorama of start-ups that develop innovative solutions, as is the case of Sportiw.

Sportiw is part of the French SporTech startups ecosystem

Inforgraphie sportiw sportech

Sportiw is part (for the first time) of this 2022 report on SporTech FR! To be present next to big companies of the French sport such as Sorare, MPG, Spacefoot, BeSport and many others is a real pride for us and shows the progress made since our creation in 2019.

Yes, sport has been affected by the COVID pandemic, yes, sport has also had to adapt, yes, sport has become digitalized…but 2021 has been a very successful year for startups investing in this field, with a record amount of funds raised!

Opposite you will find our company’s profile in the SporTech FR 2022 report.

How to join the French SporTech?

“To join SporTech, there are a certain number of criteria to meet whether in terms of activity or fundraising” explains Léa Gaget, co-founder of Sportiw. Indeed, the activity on which the company is based must be innovative and allow the company to stand out from its (possible) competition. With its unique digitalization process allowing to find the ideal candidate thanks to ultra-specific algorithms, Sportiw is innovative and unique!

"We were put in touch with SporTech by a start-up in our network who thought we met all the criteria!"

The 4 points to integrate the SporTech .

Have raised more than €300,000 or achieved more than €100,000 in turnover per year

Have a Tech product or service related to sport

Have offices / employees in France

Be less than 15 years old and have a turnover of less than 30M

At present, SporTech is made up of start-ups in various fields: data collection and analysis tools, personalised coaching, digitalisation of sport, performance measurement, injury prevention, organisation in sports clubs, etc.

On the eve of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, massive development challenges

In a little over 2 years, the 2024 Olympic Games will take place throughout France. This is an opportunity to showcase the country’s sporting power but also to highlight the various startups that are at the heart of the French sporting ecosystem. The trend that clearly emerges through this SporTech & Roland Berger report is the following: sport is increasingly democratised across the planet and the French population’s interest in national and international competitions is only growing.


Sportiw paris sportech

With the prospect of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, the French SporTech collective is moving the lines to enable France to take its place as a leader in a global sports market worth $800 billion. The French ecosystem wants to give itself the means to shine internationally!

"The planets are aligning: an explosion in the use of apps for sports practice, a strong need for the digitalisation of sports institutions, the mutation of the fan, the breakthrough of sport in companies... with the 2024 Olympics as a backdrop!"

With more than 22,000 members and numerous success stories, Sportiw is constantly growing and gaining international recognition. We will undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with in the years to come…

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