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Lille Métropole Basket x Sportiw !

Lille red giants x Sportiw

Sportiw associated with a new second French Division club: Lille Métropole Basket! Currently 4th of Pro B and in race for the rise in first division, the “redgiants” decided to rely on Sportiw to innovate in their recruitment process!

Our goal is to assist the club of Lille in its recruitment process by offering access to our advanced tools. Our exchanges should allow us to improve the existing platform and make it even more efficient to meet the specific needs of professional clubs, such as LMB, and their formation centers.

Jean Victor Traore, interview basketball sportiw

Jean-Victor TRAORE
General Manager - Lille Métropole Basket

“Our structure in full development fits well with the dynamics of Sportiw which is to move the lines and mark a change. During our meeting, I saw a potential that it seems coherent to me to accompany while drawing benefits from their already operational tool.”

Cofounder of Sportiw

“While exchanging with Jean-Victor, the manager of Lille Métropole Basket, we felt a real dynamic of the club towards innovation topics, so this partnership seemed like an obvious choice. I’m sure great ideas will emerge from our exchanges!”

Lea Gaget co fondatrice de Sportiw

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