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The adidas Breaking Barriers Project x Sportiw: A Portrait of Floriane Mure

As part of a collaboration between Sportiw and the adidas Breaking Barriers Project, we met Floriane Mure, one of the winners of the first edition of the contest. Read more about our conversation with Floriane below.

Can you introduce yourself and tell us about a significant moment you experienced as a player?

I started basketball very young, at the age of seven, because my parents were passionate about this sport. I grew up in an environment where basketball was an obvious choice for me. Reaching the French championship, especially the NF3, at the age of 16 was a great success for me. This achievement was a source of pride and satisfaction because it demonstrated my ability to perform at a high level, despite my young age. In addition, winning the U17 French Cup Round of 8 alongside the Veauche CRAP team is an unforgettable moment in my memory.

Are there people or players who have influenced your progress?

I am a big fan of Céline Dumerc, who inspired me until she retired. I participated in her camp as a player and staff member. She is a very simple and available person in addition to her incredible career. I watch a lot of games too, and currently Marine Johannès is a great inspiration for me and the whole new generation.

Regarding other people who have helped me, I will say Thierry Vray, who threw me in the deep end, and Thomas André, who picked me up at a time when I wanted to stop basketball and who revived me.

How do you manage the balance between your personal life and basketball?

As an employee in a basketball club, I learned to juggle between my professional career and my passion for basketball. Good organization is essential, although the intense season leaves me little personal time.

As an athlete, what do you think of women's basketball?

Although gender gaps remain, women’s basketball is progressing, especially with better media coverage and the regular broadcast of Women’s League matches. The biggest challenge when you are a woman is to come back to play after having a pregnancy and manage to juggle between the two. Valerian Vukosavljevic does it wonderfully, for example!

What advice would you give to a young girl who wants to get into basketball?

"Basketball is an incredible sport that brings unique emotions. It is a team sport that allows you to grow and brings a lot of human qualities. My advice would be to follow your dreams, not be influenced by stereotypes, and believe in your own abilities."

What do you think of the adidas Breaking Barriers Project?

I think it’s important to take steps to break down barriers little by little. Providing resources and tools to help is a huge step forward. Personally, as a woman, seeing people who get involved in moving things forward really touches me. If girls hesitate to participate in this second edition of the adidas Breaking Barriers Project x Sportiw, frankly, I will tell them to go without hesitation. It’s a project that can bring a lot of positive things, believe me.

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One last word to conclude?

Set goals and give your all so as not to live with regrets. "Better to live with remorse than with regret."

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