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ITW Guillaume Mesnival : “We were able to contact and sign 2 players this summer that we met on Sportiw!”

Vice-president of the CS Bayeux Basketball (NM3 in France), Guillaume Mesnival was able to find 2 players this summer on Sportiw to complete his squad for the 2023/2024 season! Back to his testimonial…

CS Bayeux Basket

When did you start using Sportiw?

I’ve been using the platform since before COVID, and I’ve seen it evolve a lot. Before, there weren’t as many players, and handball wasn’t yet a big thing. The first year through Sportiw, I recruited a Serbian player who is still playing for our club.

"My background is in media and advertising, and to have content aimed at sportspeople and clubs is really something relevant."

Did you use Sportiw this summer to recruit?

Yes, of course, and the platform has been very useful to us! We were able to contact and sign 2 players this summer that we met on Sportiw! The first is a French player who had left to study in Canada, and the second is a Cameroonian player who spent 4 years in the NCAA.

"We got in touch via Sportiw, then exchanged via other channels!"

How did you find the 2 players you met this summer on Sportiw?

Thanks to the search filters & videos on the players’ profiles directly. I use the “position”, “level” and “availability” filters a lot.

I’m a light sleeper, so I’ve been watching a lot of videos of players who could play in NM3 positions 1 and 5 (laughs).

What differences have you noticed compared to your "previous recruitment"?

Before, recruitment was much more local and restricted. The number of teams in the NM3 has fallen, but the level of competition has come a long way since then. We’re ex-central to big cities, and Sportiw represents a real opportunity to have access to several profiles and players we wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Thanks to Guillaume Mesnival for his answers! To find out about other basketball-related interviews, click here!

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