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adidas Breaking Barriers and Sportiw are Back to Boost Girls’ Careers in Sports

adidas Breaking Barriers and Sportiw are back for their yearly contest to help girls boost their sports careers! After a successful first year, we will once again be helping European athletes better connect to career resources via adidas and the Sportiw platform.

Adidas breaking barriers sportiw concours

The objective of this collaboration is to reduce inequalities in sports and enhance the ability of women in sports to make a living from their passion or develop their career.

A Successful First Edition

During the first edition of the contest, adidas Breaking Barriers and Sportiw helped more than 60 European athletes boost their sports careers. Thanks to personalized support from our teams, athletes were able to gain greater visibility with recruiters, while also putting themselves forward more easily.

👉 To participate in the second edition of the contest and win a meeting with an adidas athlete and a complete adidas equipment click here!

The Winners of the First Edition Testify 🗣

"I felt touched by this initiative because I am completely invested in the promotion of women's sports. Personally, I never had the chance to express myself on it, and this initiative has finally allowed me to do so."

An Even Bigger Second Edition!

In 2023, adidas Breaking Barriers and Sportiw are thinking even bigger. Thanks to the enthusiasm generated among women in sports after the first edition, we couldn’t stop there.

What are the prizes for this second edition?

One of the winners of this second edition will have the chance to win a meeting with an adidas player! 5 players will be receiving a pair of shoes and kits for their sports.  Other prizes will be distributed to over 100 athletes across Europe, including Sportiw premium subscription to boost their career and have personalized support. 

For several years now, adidas Breaking Barriers and Sportiw have been working on a daily basis to counter inequalities for women in sports.

Sportiw is the recruitment platform for the world of sports. Sportiw gives women and girl athletes the chance to showcase their sports profile and access more opportunities for their career by connecting with clubs, coaches, agents, and players on a unique platform.

The adidas Breaking Barriers Project is committed to breaking down barriers for women and girls across Europe, working with nonprofit sports organizations, empowering local leaders and coaches, and providing the sports industry with the tools to do so.

You too can take part in the development of this wonderful contest, by sharing it to as many women in sports as possible!

The second edition of the contest will be launched in a few days’ time, be patient…

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