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Save even more time this summer with Sportiw updates!

To save you even more time, Sportiw is updating! Thanks to the new filters available for your offers, find your ideal players even faster than before! We explain everything to you..

Sportiw new filter offer

Advanced selection criteria: Find your perfect players in a few seconds...

Finding the players who precisely match your needs is always something complicated. That’s why we introduced new filtering features when creating your offer. From now on, you can make compliance with certain criteria mandatory so that only candidates who meet your criteria can apply. Here they are:


You can specify the position you are looking for. This will allow you to find players specialized in the specific role you want to strengthen in your team.

The nationality

If you are looking for players of a particular nationality, you can now specify this criterion when creating your offer. This will help you target candidates (Bosman etc.) who meet the requirements of your club.


You can now indicate the desired level of play, ranging from amateur to professional. This feature will allow you to target players corresponding to your level of requirement, whether they are amateur, semi-pro or even professional.


For some positions, size is a determining factor. With our new feature, you can specify the minimum or maximum size required for players.


The age criterion is essential when selecting players for your team. You can now define a specific age group, which ensures that only candidates with the required age will be able to apply.

Since the addition of the new filters, the players who applied to the offers correspond better to the profiles I am looking for. Sportiw allows me to save a lot of time in managing my recruitment, but also to discover new players!

In addition, the ergonomic improvements and optimizations made to the interface allow you to easily navigate through the different sections and quickly create offers according to your criteria.

Log in to Sportiw now and discover these new features by creating an offer for your club. To learn more about using the platform, consult our help center.

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