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Basketball: Mentally preparing for the 2023/24 season

In the world of sport, physical preparation has long been obvious to achieve optimal performance. However, more and more athletes and coaches are becoming aware of the vital importance of mental preparation. Beyond physical abilities, the mind plays a decisive role in an athlete’s success. Sportiw gives you 3 tips to prepare yourself mentally for the 2023/24 season.

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What is mental preparation?

Mental preparation, Erwan Pottier, mental coach, defines it like this: “We all have a potential, but sometimes this potential is hindered by interference. These interferences can be poorly managed emotions, an excess of excitement or a lack of self-confidence. Mental preparation makes it possible to act on self-confidence, self-esteem, concentration, motivation and setting goals.”

How to manage your emotions during a game when you are 2 to 4 minutes from the end? How to succeed in being less disturbed by stress, in relation to your game, your goals, a situation? Mental preparation intervenes to respond to all these points.

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Our tips for successful mental preparation

1. Managing stress

There are very simple tools that make it possible to act on stress, whether it is pleasant stress or negative stress. We know that it is a central element today to perform in terms of course. Sophrology is an interesting tool, as is yoga, introspections, etc. Letting go does not mean losing interest in objectives, but rather taking a step back to better understand events and act more consciously.

2. The meditation

Mindfulness meditation and creative visualization meditation are powerful tools to improve stress control, emotions and concentration. Creative visualization meditation consists of imagining yourself reaching a goal during a meditation session, feeling all the positive sensations related to this success. As you get out of meditation, you will be filled with ideas and enthusiasm to take action and achieve your goals.

3. The visualization

The essential method of mental training is visualization, which consists of mentally representing yourself succeeding in an entire action or match. By visualizing success, you become familiar with this idea and become aware of your potential. In the field, it strengthens your confidence and improves the execution of your movements. Visualization can be used to learn new techniques, assimilate game systems and overcome psychological blockages.

A basketball player is more likely to achieve a 3 point if he says to himself: “I have already scored 3 points in the past, I can do it again!” Rather than unconsciously saying to myself: “I’m not performing this season, I would never succeed in a 3 points.” Visualization allows us to believe in our potential and break these blockages. Mental imagery promotes recovery and strengthens self-confidence.

Mental preparation: Strengthen the mind to excel in action

The goal with mental preparation is to grow individuals. When people understand things, their level of commitment is multiplied. Trials and difficulties make it possible to grow. The accompaniment of individuals, exchanges, agreements and disagreements, all this makes them grow. It is the same for the doctor who repairs the body or the physiotherapist who provides care for physical recovery. It is important to optimize the June-July period to function well physically, working on his mind. Pleasure and motivation remain the priorities to achieve your goals.

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