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Argentina, changes in the federal basketball tournament

The Federal Basketball Tournament, TFB, composed of 8 divisions, is going through a period of changes for future seasons.

Starting in 2022, three changes are planned:

  • an adaptation of the timetable,
  • the creation of a qualified organism
  • new rules on team lists.

The goal of the TFB is to improve the quality of participating teams, expand geographic coverage and allow more teams to have the opportunity to compete at this level.

New Calender TFB

The first month of the year was set as the starting date.

For the 2022 season, the tournament will begin on January 28, with a regular phase until mid-May and ending in late July.

New classifications for TFB

Secondly, fixed positions are removed.

Until this year, clubs that had participated in previous editions were allowed to participate in the next edition.

However, from 2023 onwards, no club will be guaranteed a place in the tournament.

Places will only be awarded to the winning teams of the pre-federal tournaments of their sport region, better known as “club provincials”.

Starting in 2022, pre-federal tournaments will be played between August and November, allowing for further promotions to the following season’s federal tournament.

Once again, the Argentinean Federation (CABB) is a visionary in the field of training, as demonstrated for years by its program: the CABB Trainer Method.Vincent lavandier – coach y scout

New team composition

Another change was the composition of the teams.

In 2022, they are as follows:

  • 5 senior players,
  • 2 U23 players
  • 3 U21 players
  • the rest with U19 players.

Starting in 2023:

  • 3 senior players,
  • 2 U23 players
  • 4 U21 players.

The specifics are as follows:

  • Senior player: a player over 23 years of age,
  • U23: players aged 21 to 22 years old,
  • U21 : players aged 19 to 20 years old,
  • U19 : players under 18 years old.

More quality and more game

With these changes for next season, the number of participants should increase from the 68 teams that participated in 2021. At the time of writing, 89 teams are already registered for the 2022 TFB.

The Federal Tournament is considered the home of Argentine basketball, and its geographical coverage plays a very important role. It allows young players to distinguish themselves professionally and then move on to higher categories, both in Argentina and internationally.

Vincent Lavandier’s vision of scouting

The new format of the TFB championship seems to me very well thought out.

The will to promote young players within TFB is a real innovation. Indeed, it is not simply a question of “filling” a roster with some young players to complete the number. It is above all a strong will to give them a real role and playing time.

It is a way to develop the Argentine potential in contact with experienced players.

In addition, I particularly like the idea of pre-qualification. This way, the competitive character of the young Argentines will be increased tenfold, as well as that of their great players Scola, Ginóbili and Campazzo.

Once again, the Argentinean Federation (CABB) is visionary in the field of training as demonstrated by its program: the CABB Trainer’s Method.

For me, as a recruiter and coach-trainer, the TFB will be a great “reservoir” of potential. Where we will be able to spot potential Argentines who will join the big European clubs in a few years.

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    1. Hello Tresor 👋
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