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5 key points to have THE perfect highlight!

How to make your Sportiw highlight in 5 key points?

A highlight can serve you in many ways! Showcasing yourself, getting noticed, creating a teaser of your skills… But above all, it will help you to catch the eye of recruiters.

There are several types of highlights, highlights of your sports career, your season, or even your match.

1st point, Duration:

Your highlight should neither be too short nor too long! It should catch the eye of recruiters, no more than 3 or 4 minutes in a short and dynamic format.

2nd point, Summarize your journey:

Highlight the key points of your journey right from the beginning of the video. Training center, talent pool, statistics, achievements, …

3rd point, Editing your highlights:

Choose quality videos and make sure that people know who you are. For this, there are many software options to edit your highlights. Stay connected, we’ll introduce you to one very soon!

To set up your highlight you can watch our video which will give you tips and advice on how to set up your highlight.

4th point, Your strengths:

It’s important to showcase your qualities, choose 2 or 3 strong points and show recruiters what you’re capable of!

5th point, Music:

Last but not least! Remember to add music to your video, dynamic music to promote yourself as much as possible. Be careful, the chosen music must be copyright-free, otherwise your highlight may be removed by YouTube.

Now, you have all the tools to make your highlight! Don’t hesitate to share it with us on your social media !

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