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Let’s go on summer camp!

It’s summertime! ☀ The vacations are probably just around the corner for you, or maybe you’re already sunbathing on the beach with an Italian ice cream in your hand! 🍦

But how about a week away at a summer sports camp?

Wondering how to use the summer to best prepare for the upcoming season? Then this mini-article on summer camps/internships is for you 😉 (estimated reading time under 2 minutes, don’t worry)

“Summer camps are growing more and more and it’s a great way for young people to get away during this summer time!” Elodie Perret, communications officer, at the Melvyn Richardsson handball camp.

Whether you are a basketball player or a handball player, there are summer camps for everyone! So, take advantage of this period to prepare the best for the next season…which is coming soon!

You’re probably wondering what a week at summer camp will do for you! Two main things: increase your contact & make you grow! 💪

Benefits of a camp:

1 – On the camp, you will surely make friends, but you will also meet many actors of the sports world. Whether they are coaches or physical/mental trainers, don’t hesitate to share your experiences with them and ask for their advice! It’s always useful! 👀

2 – If your club mates ask you “how come you are so fit? Because yes, a summer camp is meant to relax, have fun, but also to help you get in shape for the next season! 😎

3 – Doing an summer camp will bring you a lot, be sure! What do you think about putting this experience on your Sportiw CV? And even your videos during the camp, it will add weight to your resume! 📷

With training every day, you will quickly get back into the swing of things! Because yes, last season was complicated with this story of COVID… And arriving in shape is ESSENTIAL! 😷

“On a camp like MR22, many activities are proposed: handball, paddle, kayak, pedal boat, hot jumping, hiking, water jump or even mini-golf!

Stay tuned, in this summer goal, we will share with you exclusive content and you will be able to choose your camp for this summer according to your desires! From this week on Sportiw, thanks to a new feature, you will be able to see some of the summer camps available, either in basketball or handball!

Whether you’re looking for a camp focused on performance, sports or simply want to combine the two, anything is possible! 🙌

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