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Who says new season, says physical preparation!

Physical preparation and mental preparation are two tools that help optimize and improve sports performance.

In the majority of team sports, physical preparation is one of the primary factors of success for the coming season. Its main objective is to serve the discipline practiced by the athlete by allowing him to develop his physical qualities and thus optimize his performance.

“After 10/15 days of downtime, we know that we have already lost 20-30% of the player’s biggest qualities.” M. Chamoux – Physical Trainer

However, after a few weeks off, it allows players to get back into shape and also to prevent injuries and ensure a better recovery.

“Endurance is the foundation, what we call generalized physical preparation.” S. Ruiz – Physical and Mental Trainer

There are 2 main types of physical preparation:

  • The general physical preparation (PPG): which is used above all to get the athlete back into shape and to harmonize and develop his general physical qualities.
  • Specific physical preparation (SPP): much used in the pre-competitive or competitive phase to acquire an optimal physical condition.

It is also important to understand that there is no typical physical preparation, but there are physical preparations. Each athlete, depending on his level, his physical condition, his strengths/weaknesses and his sport, will prepare his physical preparation with a specific goal and therefore in a different way.

The importance of endurance:

The specificity of each sport therefore leads to different physical preparations. However, we can highlight several points common to many team sports.

Endurance is one of the fundamental points in the preparation of the sportsman, whether he is a handball player or a basketball player. However, the development of endurance is specific to each sport.

“You don’t prepare a marathon runner, like you prepare a handball player.” M. Chamoux – Physical Trainer

As a reminder, endurance is the ability to maintain, over time, an effort of sustained intensity. There are two types of endurance: fundamental endurance and active endurance.

  • Fundamental endurance: this is aerobic work of moderate intensity. You must not exceed 70% of your maximum heart rate (MHR) (about 130-140 beats per minute). To do basic endurance, it is important to remain in “breathing ease”, you must be able to speak without getting too out of breath.
  • Active endurance: it corresponds to an intensity one notch above the fundamental endurance, between 80 and 90 % of the FCmax.

“There are studies that have been done that prove that players who have done a little more endurance take the training loads more easily during the year. Secondly, endurance plays a role in prophylaxis, that is, injury prevention.” Stéphane RUIZ – Physical trainer

➡ Endurance work is crucial, as it allows you to last not only each match, but also the whole season, with a better ability to recover between each training and match. Aerobic power is also crucial, as it allows you to link several actions in explosive ways with the ability to recover well between each.

The impact of physical preparation on season performance:

Even if athletes are aware of the need to be in optimal physical condition, physical preparation is often a dreaded and little appreciated period. The notion of effort in this specific context of “getting back into shape” is not always obvious.

“As we go through physical preparation, we can integrate 3 x 3 into basketball.” Stéphane RUIZ – Physical trainer

For the physical trainer or coach, it is therefore important to import a playful, competitive aspect, and to integrate the sports practice in the physical preparation.

“I really like to mix in some non-ball and ball work in the same set. Using specific running work and strength work on simple positions in the split work.” M. Chamoux – Physical Trainer

Each sport, each athlete has its specificities. Therefore, each preparation is specific and adapted for the sport, the team and in some cases the player. This is why it is important to follow a specific program adapted to reach your goals.

To know more, find the interview of Maxime Chamoux [physical trainer] on YouTube 🎙 :

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