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5 tips to get your season off to the best start!

An excess of motivation, of engagement, or even a simple small gesture, and the injury is quickly, very quickly arrived at this beginning of season. Whether you are a basketball player, a handball player, a soccer player, a rugby player, a volleyball player… these few tips could be very useful for you in this period of recovery!

⬇ Check out our 5 tips to get your season off to the best start! ⬇

1️⃣ Adjust your lifestyle.

What’s better than a good night’s sleep to allow your body to recover to the maximum? According to an American study conducted on 112 student athletes aged 12 to 18, lack of sleep greatly increases the risk of injury (1.7 times more likely to be injured for those who sleep 8 hours or less).

In the other direction, it also works! Sport helps to increase the depth of sleep! So don’t neglect your sleep! 💤

2️⃣ Before your session: warm-up, warm-down and… warm-up!

No matter what sport you practice, and even if you are “just” going for a run, the warm-up is essential and primordial! It will take you 5/10 minutes maximum and will put you in the best conditions for the rest of your training! Do you know why? Because with this warm-up, your body temperature will rise little by little, your muscle cells will be activated, and your joints will be ready to absorb the shocks. But also, you will greatly reduce your risk of injury or strain!

3️⃣ After the session, time to stretch!

After your workout, remember to stretch… It’s just as important as the warm-up at the beginning of the session! So yes, we understand that at the end of your session, you are not necessarily motivated by the idea of stretching. But it’s not long (5 minutes) and this time is essential if you want to reduce your risk of muscle tears or strains, but especially not to have muscle pain a few days after the effort. 🏋️

4️⃣ Listen your body!

Whether it is during or after your session, listening to your body is very important. If you get the slightest negative signal, don’t force it, you risk a more serious injury, so stop!

Having aches and pains after a recovery session, yes it’s normal! If they are significant, it means that you overexerted yourself or that the session was too intense for your body! 😅

5️⃣ Patience is the key word!

Don’t rush things, and don’t forget that your season is built as you go along. If there are complicated moments, accept them and tell yourself that you will come back stronger. If you have trouble getting back into shape, be patient, the last two seasons have been greatly affected by the health crisis and it is normal to have more difficulties.

Don’t give up and persevere! 💥

We hope you’ve enjoyed these 5 little early season tips, and we’re counting on you to apply them! 😉

No pain, no gain.”

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